Sami the seal, child friendly compressor nebulizer

Sami the Seal is a child-friendly compressor nebulizer system designed to make aerosol therapy fun and stressless for children. The aerosol mask Tucker the turtle allows the aerosols to reach the lungs easily and not the eyes.

Package contents: Sami the Seal compressor, Side Stream nebulizer, Mouth piece, Tucker the turtle pediatric mask, nebulizer tubing set, carry case, Air filter and a User Manual.

Accesories can be ordered seperately.

Item number:

411-1093268 PHILIPS Sami the Seal



18081097-Sami, 18080927- Tubing set

For children: In Home, hospitals, clinics

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Sami the seal, Child friendly compressor nebulizer

Technical specifications

  • Maximum Pressure: 29 – 43,5 PSI
  • Weight: 1,58 kg
  • Power: 230 V~ – 60 Hz
  • Performance Average flowrate: 6 l/min @ 10 psig (ca. 517 mmHg)
  • MMAD (Mass medien aerodynamic diameter): 2,78 µm
  • Size: 26,67 cm x 15,49 cm x 22,61 cm
  • Nebulizer size (< 5 µm): > 78,2%
  • Operating Mode: Continuous
  • Warranty 5 yr