Jar and Cover 5000 ml, Reusable

Article-No.: 048-210010/01

Category: Suction

Accessories and consumables

REUSABLE JARS are equipped with screw cover with handle for easy grip, autoclavable silicone o-ring for tight seal, overflow valve system integrated in the cover, clear graduated scale in ml with 100 ml or 200 ml intervals. Suitable for central vacuum systems and MEDUTEK suction units. Available in two types of polycarbonate (Makrolon® and Apec®).

Technical specifications

  • For KATASPIR PRO sucttion units or central vacuum systems
  • 5000 ml volume
  • Steam sterilization
    • Makrolon up to 121 °C
    • APEC up to 143 °C
  • Chemically disinfectable
  • Screw-topped
  • Single packed

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