ISO-Gard Filter for Ventilator/CPAP Machines

The ISO-Gard Filter is a hydrophobic, electrostatic bacterial/viral filter for use on the patient side of the ventilator or CPAP machine. It protects the Machine from getting contaminated and also the patients and staffs against unnecessary infection.

It is available in different sizes for different ventilator/CPAP machines.

052-19211 Size S

For other sizes and variant, please contact us!


CPAP, Ventilator, Home Care, hospital, Pflegedienst, Altenheim etc.

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ISO-Gard Filter for Ventilator/CPAP Machines

Technical specifications

Size Connection: 22 mm ID/15 mm OD x 22 mm OD/15 mm ID

Bacterial efficiency 99.995%; vial efficiency 99.998%

Weight: S-22g, L- 23.77 g;

dead space: Size S- 26 ml; Size L- 39.64 ml,

Resistance:Size S- 1,6 cm H2O, 60l/min; Size L- 2.01 cm H2O, 60 LPM

Available Variant: Straight and Angled

Connection with ISO standard

Port for CO2 connection